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Who are we?


My name is Urszula Michalowska.  I was born in Augustow, Poland and grew up in Chicago.  I attended Lane Tech HS and graduated from DePaul University.  I speak both languages fluently.  I have many interests and love new challanges.  Sound, Lights and Live Events have always been my passion.  I love to travel and try new things!


Ulala Productions was created with a passion for the industry and support for the community.


Extra projects in the making:

* On-set Sound Engineer for a Polsat TV series "Ameryka Marzen" 13 episodes (2015-2016)

* On-set Sound Engineer for Weather Tech National Commercial  (2016)


* Post production for two segments at Radio Deon WNWI 1080am radio station (2014-2015)

*Weather Tech Commercial (2016)



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