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Live Streaming

Stay connected with your family, friends, or business partners from across the globe. 



Live streaming is a service created to help people stay connected even if they are at opposite ends of the world.  It provides an opportunity to experience life altering moments together and in real time.  Thanks to today's technology and high speed internet we are able to provide an HD quality service that is fairly new on the market.  For any event your heart desires; wedding, communion, concert, banquet, business meeting, etc.  We will provide the technology, cameras, crew and links for your event.  Large or small we can work around your budget.  E-mail or call for an estimate.






    -  "Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart for covering this event! (wedding) Our family in Poland who, thanks to you, could watch the broadcast via the internet was very grateful and content that they could see it .. LIVE! That was wonderful and unique experience! Best regards to you."

                                                                                  - Maciej Jurkowski



  -  "Congratulations on a great idea. My heart went out to you and for a moment, I felt as if I was right there with you.  It was a great pleasure to revisit those memories we had together."

                                                                            - Urszula Krasniewska



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