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The Ultimate Guide To Create A Barbie Themed Event Using Audio Visual Production

Live Event with Epic Lighting and FX
Live Event

Barbie's immense popularity has extended beyond the toy realm, transcending into the box office and even playing a significant role in revitalizing the economy. From costumes and parties to the ever-growing list of exciting events, Barbie's influence knows no bounds. At Ulala Productions, we recognize the immense potential of a Barbie-themed event, and thus, we find it fitting to delve into the key elements required to organize an enchanting and successful Barbie extravaganza using audio visual solutions. Let's explore the magic that goes into creating a memorable Barbie-themed audio visual event that will captivate hearts and leave a lasting impact on all who attend.

1. Define the Purpose and Cause

Every successful event needs a clear purpose. Decide on the cause you wish to execute your event. Whether it's fund raising for a local charity, a children's hospital, or an educational program, or you're just throwing a major party, make sure the cause aligns with the theme of the event and resonates with your guests.

Group of planning team members
Assemble your ultimate team

2. Assemble a Passionate Team

Organizing a successful Barbie themed event requires a dedicated team of like-minded individuals who share the vision and passion for the cause. Look for volunteers with event planning experience, marketing expertise, and a flair for creativity. Working together, you can create an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

3. Set a Budget

Carefully plan your budget to ensure that the event is financially feasible and if you’re fundraising, will be able to generate substantial funds for the cause. Seek sponsorships and partnerships with local businesses to offset expenses and boost your fundraising efforts. Or if you’re selling tickets, the budget should include funds for labor, lighting, sound, and video walls or projections, sparklers, confetti, or other effects.

White venue with pink and amber lighting accents
Large Venue

4. Choose the Perfect Venue

The venue is crucial in setting the ambiance for your Barbie-themed event. Look for a location that complements the theme and can accommodate all the planned activities. An outdoor garden, a ballroom, or a community center can be excellent choices, depending on the scale and budget of your event. Be sure to check with the venue that the location can handle the power requirements necessary for your event. Some professional level equipment requires more power than your standard outlet can give. Also make sure the venue allows the use of haze. Haze can trigger fire alarms as well as stain walls. Yikes!

5. Decorations and Ambiance

Transform the venue into a whimsical Barbie wonderland! Use Barbie's signature colors of pink and white to create a vibrant atmosphere. Working with an experienced LD (Lighting Director) can help tremendously. Bonus tip: Balloons, streamers, and life-sized Barbie cutouts can add a touch of magic to the surroundings. Don't forget to incorporate Barbie's iconic accessories, such as shoes, purses, and jewelry, into the decor. For reference, here are the colors.


HEX: #EC4399

RGB: (236, 67, 153)

CMYK: (1, 88, 0, 0)


Friends are taking a selfie at a major event.
Party selfie

6. Dress Code and Costumes

Encourage attendees to dress up as their favorite Barbie characters. From classic Barbie to career-focused Barbie, the options are endless! Consider hosting a costume contest to add an element of fun and excitement.

7. Activities and Entertainment

Provide a variety of engaging activities to keep attendees entertained throughout the event. Here are some ideas:

Fashion Show: Organize a Barbie-themed fashion show where participants can showcase their costumes and walk the runway. Award prizes for the most creative and best-dressed participants. For this activity we can add special runway lighting and for excitement a video wall that can also display your company logo.

And some honorable mentions for your Barbie themed event:

A vehicle transformed as a mobile Photo Booth.
Portable Photo Booth

Photo Booth:

Who can forget to include a Barbie-inspired photo booth with props and backdrops to capture unforgettable moments. This will be a definite stop for your barbie themed event.

Dessert with a pink theme.
Barbie themed food and drinks

8. Barbie-Themed Food and Drinks

Incorporate Barbie-inspired treats into the event. Cupcakes with edible Barbie toppers, pink lemonade, and cookies in the shape of Barbie's accessories can add a delightful touch. Additionally, consider offering a themed menu for the main course, like "Barbie's Enchanted Buffet."

9. Fundraising Activities

Remember that the primary goal of the event is to raise funds for your chosen cause. Integrate fundraising activities such as:

Silent Auction: Reach out to local businesses for donations and host a silent auction with Barbie-themed items or experiences.

Raffle: Organize a raffle with exciting prizes. Consider partnering with toy stores to donate Barbie dolls and play sets.

Donation Stations: Set up donation stations throughout the venue to encourage attendees to contribute to the cause.

Women wearing pink wigs.
Social media promotion

10. Publicity and Marketing:

In the realm of marketing, don't hesitate to unleash your creativity and have a blast! Embrace the fun and let your imagination soar! Spread the word about your Barbie-themed event through various channels. Utilize social media, create an event page, and collaborate with influencers or local media outlets to generate buzz and attract attendees.


Organizing a Barbie-themed event is a delightful way to bring people together. By incorporating the essence of Barbie's world into every aspect of the event, you can create a magical experience that not only raises money but also leaves a lasting impression on all who attend. Remember that the power of imagination and community spirit can truly make a positive impact in the lives of those in need, and your Barbie-themed event can be a shining example of just that. So, let your creativity shine, and let the magic of Barbie guide you towards a successful and heartwarming fundraiser!

If you're ready to make your Barbie-themed event a reality, choose Ulala Productions. Our team of passionate event planners will bring creativity and expertise to ensure a magical and unforgettable experience for all attendees. Contact us at

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