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Ulala Productions is not afraid of anything your heart desires.  Live streaming, Live Sound, Visual Effects, Graphics... Need something that's not on the menu?  Shoot us an email and we can figure it out.  We are here for you!

Live streaming is a new way of staying connected.  We can broadcast any event large or small LIVE and in HD, all over the world. Concerts, Weddings, Communions, Training sessions, anything!  Even though loved ones are not able to attend your event they can still be a part of it.  Go back and watch it again it will be posted on the site for as long as you want. Get a copy to savor the moment forever.




Meetings, presentations, corporate events, concerts, theatrical performances.  Speakers, mixers, snakes, mics, instruments.  We can handle it.  The goal we shoot for is for live sound to be unnoticeable.  It just works!

Concert lighting, banquet hall lighting, event lighting.  We can help your event stand out.

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